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Welcome to A/N International!

We are a mining services provider & heavy equipment dealer from Europe, servicing all of Africa with our used equipment, which we furbish for the best price to suit your needs and budget!
Unprecedented in our after-sales support and expert consultation, we pride ourselves on servicing our clients fairly and properly.
We are well familiar with the challenge of the African terrain and travails which our clients experience, so best know what to offer, depending upon the scenario, region, climate, and constitution of the soil.
As for the serious lack of proper technical support available in Africa, we have that problem ameliorated; and send out our technician to your site if you experience any malfunctions during the life of the equipment (at a reasonable cost). This is something our miners and contractors depend upon, as the problem of stranded excavators on concessions is widespread among Africa, since such exceptional technical engineers are not up the task or available, causing serious setbacks in mining. But with A/N, you have no worries; we are available to you throughout the process and your mining life to ensure your exploration and production processes are carried out in as seamlessly and in as timely a fashion as possible!
We also are very deft at locating spare parts, and have access to those which other suppliers in Africa do not have access to, which is a serious relief to miners, who rely on us for their most pertinent mining needs and services in the realm of all heavy equipment they may need, and the servicing, thereof.
Our prices are unbeatable; our service exceptional; our support impeccable, and our offers stupendous!
Contact us today for a quote, and within 24-48 hours, we will send you out our specs, pics and quotes!

You be the judge!
We already know we are the best of the best!
And are certain you will concur! . . .

Looking forward to chatting with you on all your mining needs.
Feel free to give us a shout whenever is convenient!
We will get back to you promptly to service your request and attend to all queries.
Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery to your destination port.

Most Excavatically Yours,

Heavy Equipment Dealers
Expert Consultation, Service & Training
Best Prices, Best After Sales Support
Specializing in CATs AFRICAWIDE

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